LinkedIn Now Lets Marketers Target Ads to ‘Lookalike Audiences’

LinkedIn is upgrading its ad targeting options with the ability to reach more of the right people.

Lookalike audience targeting reaches people who are similar to your ideal customer.

“LinkedIn’s lookalike audiences combine the traits of your ideal customer with our rich member and company data to help you market to new professional audiences similar to your existing customers, website visitors and target accounts.”

LinkedIn emphasizes the following benefits of lookalike audience targeting:

  • Reach high-converting audiences: Discover audiences similar to those who are already interested in your business.
  • Get results at scale: Extend the reach of your campaigns to more qualified prospects.
  • Engage new target accounts: Target your ads to additional companies you may not have previously considered. These companies match a similar company profile to your ideal customer.

LinkedIn says customers in the pilot were able to improve their campaign reach by 5-10x while still reaching the audiences that matter most to their organizations.

Get started with lookalike audiences by creating a Matched Audience in Campaign Manager. A matched audience could be subscribers to an email list, for example.

Other LinkedIn Ads Updates

In addition to lookalike audience targeting, LinkedIn also announced audience templates and expansion of interest targeting.

Interest Targeting

LinkedIn just introduced interest targeting back in January. Now it’s being expanded with more targeting capabilities.

Interest targeting allows marketers to reach LinkedIn users with relevant ads that match their professional interests.

Now it will also allow marketers to target users based on the professional topics and content they engage with through the Bing search engine.

Audience Templates

LinkedIn is introducing a tool for people who are new to advertising on LinkedIn, or existing advertisers looking to reach new audiences.

Audience templates give marketers a selection of over 20 predefined B2B audiences. Templates include audience characteristics, like member skills, job titles, groups, and so on.

Just click on one of the characteristics in the template to target those types of users.

All of these features are rolling out over the next two weeks.