Google Ads Lets Users Optimize Video Ads at the Campaign Level

Google Ads is letting advertisers set conversion actions at the campaign level for video ads.

Previously, with respect to video campaigns, Google Ads users could only set conversion actions at the account level.

Other types of campaigns, such as search and display campaigns, can have their default, account-level settings overridden by selecting conversion actions at the campaign level.

Starting today, advertisers can now do the same with video campaigns.

For clarity, a conversion action refers to a specific customer action that an advertiser defines as being valuable, such as a purchase or a newsletter sign up.

These specific actions can be included in the “Conversions” column, which can then be used to evaluate performance and optimize bids.

Campaigns can be optimized for multiple conversion actions by placing them into a “Conversion actions set.” Those actions can then be applied across other campaigns that share the same marketing goal.

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