Where to Find Great Social Media Content?

Source: Internet by Darren Hester | MorgueFile

Although social media can be used to leverage a brand, it is still originally designed for Internet users to connect with one another. And what’s the best way to build and establish a network with your social media friends? Of course, great content! However, you should know where and how to find a great content to share with your network.

Google Alerts and Google Reader

Google Alerts and Google Reader are the best place to acquire great and relevant content for your social media marketing campaign. Google Alerts notifies you of your important keywords, while Google Reader allows you manage your blog subscriptions well.

Facebook Friend Lists

If you have a lot of Facebook friends, your News Feed maybe cluttered. However, you can control over this using the Friend List feature. It allows you to curate and filter the content that matters to you and your connection, enabling your find and share great and relevant posts to your network.

Twitter List and Trending Topic

Aside from Facebook Friend List, Twitter List and Trending Topic is also a great way to generate great content to share. Using your Twitter account, you can just simply check out the Trending Topic at the left side of your profile.

In addition, you can add relevant users on your Twitter List without necessarily following them. This will keep you in the know of what’s happening with the people or brands that you care about without flooding your Twitter feed. And when you’re update, you can share content that are not just relevant but also timely.

Paper.li and AllTop

Another great place to generate great and relevant content is through social media aggregator such as Paper.li and AllTop. Paper.li allows you to publish your own virtual news paper, while pulling information from various social media sites. AllTop, on the other hand, allows you to curate content and subscribe to your favorite blogs.


If you’re conducting social media marketing for your brand, having too many accounts can be overwhelming. That’s why you’ll need social media management system, and this is where HootSuite comes in. It allows you to manage multiple social media profiles, letting be up-to-date with all your connections without the need to open a lot of accounts. On the other hand, it lets you share great content to all your connections on one go.


If you know where to find great content, it will give you an insight of what matters most to your social media connection. In turn, you will also know which content to share.