Facebook Updates Ad Metrics to Combine Web, App, and Offline Purchase Data

Facebook is updating its ad metrics to give advertisers a more holistic view of how customers interact with their business across all platforms.

In order to do this, Facebook is replacing cost metrics that report on interactions on a single channel with a single “Cost per Purchase” metric.

Data that was previously reported in the Cost per Website Purchase, Cost per Mobile App Purchase and Cost per Offline Purchase metrics will now be combined into the new Cost per Purchase metric.

Advertisers who wish to calculate channel specific cost metrics can still do so by dividing their total spend by the number of conversions from a single channel.

Facebook explains why this change is being made:

“People interact with businesses across different platforms and channels, so it’s important to evaluate ad performance holistically to account for all the ways people may have interacted with your business and the impact those interactions had on your business results. That’s why we’re replacing cost metrics that only report on interactions on a single channel with metrics that report on the cost of these actions across web, mobile and offline.”

As part of this change, Facebook has also redesigned the customize column selector in Ads Manager to consolidate website, mobile and offline metrics.

Previously, if advertisers wanted a holistic measure of purchases across these three channels they would have had to select them separately.

Advertisers can now get this data in a report by selecting one metric.