The Ultimate Guide to Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to increase your social media traffic. To get the most out of it, here’s an infographic to teach you how to leverage on them.

You see them everywhere around the web… From Twitter to Instagram, hashtags are an essential part of social media.

So, why should you care about hashtags? Well, hashtags are a great way to increase your overall social media traffic. For example, tweets with hashtags generate two times more engagement than tweets without them.

In order to help you get the most out of hashtags, I’ve created an infographic that will teach you how to leverage them on each popular social network.

Click here to view an enlarged version of this infographic.


I know I’ve been a bit lazy when it comes to using hashtags, but I have to say, it works. When I was active on Instagram, I saw that pictures with hashtags received at least 15% more likes compared to images without them.

So, next time you post on your favorite social network, follow the hashtag cheat sheet above.

Are you going to start using hashtags?

P.S. If you need help with coming up and optimizing your hashtags go here.


This post originally appeared on Quick Sprout, and is re-published with permission.