LinkedIn Company Page: Why Your Business Needs It

Source: LinkedIn Company Pages | LinkedIn Learning Center

In addition to having a profile page on LinkedIn, a Company Page for your business can do you more good.  But before you are start creating a LinkedIn page for your business, you might be asking why you would need it. What benefits could a company page give for your business?

There are two essential reasons why your brand should be taking advantage of LinkedIn company page:

Company Reach

You may not be putting any efforts into building your company’s online presence on LinkedIn, but your employees are definitely updating their social network profile. This means that there’s a great change that they are showing where they work.

Every user that connects with your worker’s profile may potentially click on your company page. They will then be redirected to your business’ LinkedIn profile. Take advantage of these click-throughs by creating a LinkedIn company page, since it will make it easy for other users to land on your page by just browsing.

Furthermore, opinions about your brand will be easily formed based on the amount and type of information displayed on your company page. This is due to the fact that every employee connected to your network can easily promote your company.

Product Awareness

A LinkedIn company page is also a great way to make your network aware of the product or service you provide because the social network offers a section specifically for talking about special products.

While a Facebook page can help you promote and describe your products as a whole, LinkedIn lets that field down. In turn, it can make each of your products stand out. The good thing about this is that users can see how many of their connections are recommending it, in addition to learning more about your products and services.

This form of product awareness is hard to find and difficult to measure, so you have to take advantage of this feature by creating a LinkedIn company page.

Having a LinkedIn company page gives you a centralized venue where your brand can connect with millions of other users. It also keeps your members in the loop about company news, products and services, business opportunities, and job openings. By having a business page on LinkedIn, you’re giving your brand the opportunity to tell your company’s story, leverage your products and services, engage your followers, share career opportunities, and drive a “word of mouth” campaign in large scale.