How Ad World Went from Zero to 50k Instagram Followers in 9 Months

This post was sponsored by Ad World. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own.

Need to grow your Instagram business account but unsure where to start?

We have a simple guide for you.

On average, more than 100 million photos and videos are shared on the social media platform every single day.

If you apply these strategies, your posts will stand out from the noise.

This strategy has worked incredibly well for Ad World to help grow our social media brand and promote our upcoming event that kicks off on May 3-5, 2021. We have gone from zero to over 50,000 followers in just 9 months.

Here’s how we did it.

Step 1: Hyper-Focused Content

The first place to start is always identifying your target audience.

  • What sort of followers do you want?
  • What are they interested in and what can you offer them that other accounts don’t?

If you’re a SaaS company, are you revealing unique case studies of clients that offer useful tips for prospective clients?

Ad World is an event company, but our Instagram account is the go-to source for advertisers to stay up to date on what’s working right now.

We give our audience what they need. Content that teaches them something new that they never knew before.

Here’s an example of a video carousel that dissected one of Ad World 2020’s most popular speeches. It was seen by tens of thousands of advertisers and taught our audience some unique creative formulas they could apply to their campaigns:

Step 2: Make Thumb-Stopping Creatives (Especially in a Carousel)

Always create something unique that your target audience is familiar with and will pique their interest.

Stock vectors and photos are banned. Yuck!

Simple ideas such as:

  • Using well-known logos or user interfaces like from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, as well as screenshots and more.
  • Using emojis to capture attention.
  • Showing a breakdown with arrows and annotation.
  • Using eye-catching clips from Breakout Clips like we did for our “Merry Christmas” post.

Step outside the norm and get creative!

Step 3: Always Have a CTA

Every single post should have a call to action (CTA). Period.

It can be as simple as:

  • Asking a question.
  • Suggesting to save the post.
  • Calling for a follow.

It is vital to convert the attention you get into something to help you grow.

Carousel posts have been strong for Ad World. They are some of our most liked and saved posts, which result in higher reach and engagement.

We always have a simple call to action on our final slides that focus on one action point. We suggest you do the same!

Step 4: Timing Is Everything

There is nothing worse than spending hours creating a solid post.

You prepare the copy. Hashtags are at the ready.

You hit “Share” and are waiting for a flood of engagement.

Surely even your superfan Aunt Sally will like the post, right?

Wrong, because she’s driving to work and won’t be scrolling her feed until lunchtime.

Let’s change that.

Some pro tips:

  • Use these times as a starting point to post on Instagram: 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (during lunchtime) and 7 to 9 p.m. (after work).
  • Test, test, test. Try different posting times across several weeks and see what time works best for:
    • Maximizing engagement and reach.
    • Generating the most amount of follows.

If you need the full cheat sheet, you can download it as a PDF here. (No strings attached!)

Step 5: Collaborate

An easy win to get more followers is simply partnering with relevant accounts that are of a similar size to you.

As you grow, so will your ability to partner with larger Instagrammers and continue on the path to exponential growth.

Ad World collaborates with speakers that are part of an upcoming event. You will find Ad World creatives on stories and feeds across the industry because we double down on our Step #2: Making thumb-stopping creatives.

Why not run your own event?

  • Host an Instagram Live with another Instagrammer.
  • Run a giveaway.
  • Create something memorable that users will want to be a part of and will keep coming back for more.

(Bonus) Step 6: Create Engaging Paid Ads

You can’t run an “Instagram Like” campaign like on Facebook.

But you can run paid ads on Instagram Feed and Stories as part of your business strategy that will strengthen your brand, deliver you new customers, and, in turn, boost your followers.

Ad World’s ads have become synonymous with our brand. They’re catchy, vibrant, and deliver value.

We see masses of comments and engagement on our ads which also strengthens the quality and reach of our Instagram account.

We encourage you to do the same!

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