Interactive Buttons with Hit Counters

There have appeared a few really cool interactive buttons recently that visualize how popular the story is. The best thing about them is that they really encourage the visitor to share and promote the page and therefore I highly recommend you to install a few of them.

The question is which one …Tweetmeme seems to be the most popular one recently, though I see blogs invite readers to also share on Facebook, Digg, etc.

So my question is, which one worked the best for you in terms of traffic and overall response? (of course I realize this also largely depends on the niche and blog type, so I am not setting up a poll and asking you to share your experience in the comments instead).

Here are the 4 more or less general ones (those that seem to work for any niche / blog):

1. Tweetmeme

Tweetmeme button


Additional features:

  • Use the custom URL shortener;
  • Use the compact form;
  • Change the RT @ username.

Note: use WordPress Plugin for blogs.

2. Email this

Mail counter



Note 1: The message will have “Powered by” link inside.

Note 2: The counter changes once you hit it. So the number it shows does not equals to the number the link was actually emailed.But nevertheless it looks really encouraging to share the page, so I am including it here.

3. Share on Facebook

Share on Facebook button




Additional features:

  • Customize the button and counter form;
  • Set the custom URL to share.

4. Delicious

Delicious Tagometer Badge:


Additional features:

  • Can be wide or tall;
  • Show times saved; activity graph and tags.