Bing Ads Editor Now Supports Review Extensions

Bing Ads Editor has been updated with support for Review Extensions. In addition, Bing Ads Editor v11.10 also comes with better keyword import, and an improved ability to create audience associations for Remarketing in Paid Search campaigns.

Review Extensions

With the latest version of Bing Ads Editor advertisers can manage their Review Extensions in bulk. Up to 20 Review Extensions can be associated with each campaign and ad group. Advertisers can also make use of shared Review extensions — create one Review Extension and share it across multiple campaigns and ad groups.

Better Keyword Import

Bing Ads Editor can now recognize symbols for phrase and exact match type.

”For example, the keyword “flowers” and [flowers] will be imported as phrase and exact match type respectively.”

A keyword will be treated as a broad match type if it has no symbols and no explicit match type.

Creating Audience Associations for Remarketing in Paid Search

When creating audience associations for Remarketing in Paid search campaigns, Bing Ads Editor now allows you to adjust the bid modifier between –90% to +900%. This means no longer having to go back and forth from the editor pane to update the bid adjustment value.