Instagram Adds Ability To Edit Captions, Improves People Search

Instagram announced a few new updates and improvements today that will no doubt make a lot of users happy.

Have you ever published a picture, and then minutes later think of the perfect caption for it? Or even worse, regret the caption you ended up publishing?

Well now you don’t have to delete the picture and erase all the comments and likes it generated, you can just edit the caption and leave everything else unchanged.

According to Instagram, that was among the top requested features from the Instagram community. It couldn’t be easier to use either — at the bottom of your posts you will now see an “Edit” option which you can select to edit the caption however you like.

Discover New Accounts To Follow

With today’s update it’s now incredibly easy to discover new accounts and businesses to follow. When you open the familiar Explore section there will now be two tabs to choose from — a ‘Photos’ tab and a ‘People’ tab.

The new people tab will highlight accounts Instagram thinks you might find interesting. It seems to work the same way as the photos section, where it recommends people based on other accounts you already follow.

The updated version of Instagram for iOS and Android are both available starting today in their respective app stores.

Since Instagram is apparently listening to what its community wants, I have a couple of requests. Where is the ability to manage multiple accounts at once? What about a simple pull-to-refresh feature? I know I can’t be alone in thinking this would make the overall experience a whole lot better. Who’s with me?