What Is the Most Effective Publishing Frequency? [POLL]

There’s no denying that content marketing is a powerful tool to reach and engage audiences online. Yet many brands still struggle to develop and implement a content marketing plan that works.

As content marketing tips and strategies abound, the sheer amount of so-called marketing best practices can sometimes be overwhelming.

One common topic of discussion in the industry is on how frequent brands should publish content.

Often, we hear experts say that the best practice is to publish content regularly.

This is a straightforward advice, however, this might also cause confusion to the uninitiated.

What type of content should be published?

How often is “regularly”?

These are just some of the follow-up questions new brands and marketers have when they’re just starting out.

We asked our Twitter community to share what publishing frequency is most effective based on their experience. Here’s their response.

What Is the Most Effective Publishing Frequency for Marketers?

Here are the results from this #SEJSurveySays poll question.

According to SEJ’s Twitter audience:

  • 70 percent responded that publishing high quality and quantity content is the most effective publishing frequency.
  • 14 percent said that publishing less content (with a high-quality focus) works best for them.
  • 12 percent found success in publishing content often (with a high-quantity focus).
  • Content? Who needs it! was what 4 percent of the respondents had in mind.

‘You Do You’

This survey offers us a quick insight as to what publishing frequency other marketers have found success in.

However, this doesn’t mean that the results are what’s best for your (or your client’s) business.

There is no perfect publishing frequency, as Rand Fishkin points out in this Whiteboard Friday video:

“‘Perfect’ isn’t universal — your content’s success depends on tons of personalized factors.”

It’s a good idea to check industry benchmarks and trends often as they help you know what’s happening in your field. But remember that best practices don’t apply to every kind of business.

Do your due diligence and determine which content marketing best practices you should implement and which ones to drop.

More Insights on Implementing Your Own Content Marketing Efforts

You have to develop your own content marketing strategy, as well as set your marketing goals and metrics, to find out which publishing approach works best for your business.

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Have Your Say

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