Finding Targeted Followers on Twitter

After setting up your Twitter Profile and posting some great tweets, the next thing that a brand owner should is to look for followers. Although there are various on how you can acquire fans, it would be ideal of you get qualified followers. That’s why it’s important that you know how to find them.

The Importance of Having Many Followers

In one way or another, having a significant number of followers could help your brand’s online presence on Twitter. Other than showing online visitors that you have a good follower count, it also reflects the health of your community. This indicates that you have a good relationship with your fans, which makes you attract more followers.

When looking for Twitter followers, it’s important the account you will follow have a close 1:1 ratio of followers and following. That’s because the owners of this account has a high tendency to follow you back when they saw that you’re following them.

Looking Through Individual Accounts

One way to look for qualified Twitter followers is by checking the follower and following lists of individual profiles. You can use the micro-blogging site’s search engine or use a third-party tool.

Just enter your keyword and then search for relevant users who have a close 1:1 follower and following ratio. This won’t just help you gain qualified followers; it will also create a connection between you and a relevant user who can influence hundreds and thousands of other users.

Looking Through Twitter Lists

Another way to look for qualified Twitter followers is by checking other users’ list. A third-party tool could make this task easier for you.

Search for Twitter lists created by other users within your niche. Once there, check out the user profile included on the list, and follow the account with a balance number of followers and following. The good thing about checking a list is that you are somehow guaranteed that you are following a qualified and relevant account.

Automating the Following Process

Other than manual procedures, there are also third-party tools that allow you to automate the whole thing. It will look and follow new users based on your customized searches, and it could also un-follow users who don’t follow you back within a specified timeline.

Of course, there are many ways on how you can gain followers. It’s your prerogative whether you will do it manually or automatically. Just remember that you shouldn’t follow a handful of users at once, so that it won’t make you look like a spammer.


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