Bing Shopping Campaigns Adds Search Term Reports at Product Level

Bing Ads is rolling out a number of new features to Bing Shopping Campaigns designed to enhance feed management and optimization. In addition to product-level search term reports, Bing Ads is introducing online inventory update feeds, and scheduled feed downloads.

Product Level Search Term Reports

Bing Ads will now provide advertisers with data regarding which queries got matched to which products. With these new reports advertisers will have more insights into how they should optimize product titles, based on whether they are showing up for the intended queries.

Previously, search term reports were only offered at the campaign, ad group, and keyword levels. With search term reports at the product level, advertisers can now easily pinpoint what types of queries are triggering ads for specific products.

Product Inventory Update Feeds

Bing Ads has introduced a new feed for product attributes which are frequently updated — such as price and availability. These can now be updated using an online product inventory update feed.

This new feed is designed to reduce the processing time for attributes that are frequently updated. It’s also easier to manage since updates will only be sent for product offers that are changing.

Online product inventory update feeds can be submitted via FTP or manually from Bing Merchant Center.

Scheduled Feed Downloads

An alternative to manually submitting feeds is to have them automatically downloaded. Now Bing Ads is offering the option to schedule feeds to be downloaded at whatever time is best for the individual advertiser.

Scheduling options can be managed from Bing Merchant Center. Frequency can either be daily, weekly, or monthly. Once a schedule has been set, Bing Merchant Center will download the feed, process it and have it ready to be shown on Bing Ads.