Facebook Removes Ticker News Feed For Monitoring Friends’ Activity

Have you noticed the ticker is missing when viewing your Facebook news feed? It’s not just you— Facebook has officially removed the ticker and confirmed it’s no longer available.

Since its launch in 2011, the ticker has been a permanent fixture of peoples’ news feeds. It allowed users to monitor their friends’ public activity on Facebook in real-time.

Facebook has been quietly phasing out the ticker over the past few weeks, before finally addressing the matter in a Help Community thread`.

You may think that the removal of such a long-standing feature would come with some kind of an announcement. However, unless you were looking for it, Facebook’s official statement could be easily missed.

”Hi everyone,
This feature is no longer available. Please submit feedback here: http://on.fb.me/1R1bBKH”

Facebook’s decision to remove the ticker could be anyone’s guess at this point, as the company didn’t provide any further information.

Users have long criticized the ticker news feed for being a “creeper feed,” since it allowed people to easily keep track of everything their friends were doing on Facebook.

Perhaps removing the ticker is Facebook’s way of responding to the criticism, or it may just be because the feature wasn’t getting used enough.

Yet another explanation could be that Facebook is trying to change its public perception, and being a place to “creep” on friends is no longer how it wants to be viewed.