Who Leads The Digital PR Discussion on Twitter? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Curious about what the top influencers in digital PR are saying? Using 10 keywords, Fractl partnered with BuzzStream to analyze nearly 5,000 tweets to uncover more about top influencers and their sentiments, trending topics, and which countries are leading the discussion on Twitter.

The infographic below highlights some key findings, including:

  • Over 50% of marketing discussions on Twitter aim to share helpful information, with 31% of tweets including links or suggestions on improvement within the industry
  • Tweets are overwhelmingly positive, with the exception of #pressrelease, which is over 50% neutral – likely related to its usage with news announcements
  • The top job title is director at 17%, followed by consultant and c-suite executive (CEOs and CMOs) at 12% each
  • The U.S. leads the marketing discussion on Twitter at 36%, over double that of Indonesia, who comes in second at 17%

Learn more in the infographic below: