Check Out YouTube Leanback’s Slick New Look

Source: Redesigned YouTube Leanback or YouTube TV | Official Website

It appears that YouTube quietly released its major update for the YouTube Leanback. With the redesigned program, users can easily watch and control videos on a TV or big screen.

The interface can be controlled with a keyboard. For example, the arrow keys allow users to navigate across the website. Certain letter keys, on the other hand, allow users to access various functions. For example, the “G” key is for the Home option, while the “S” key is for Search.

What’s good about the new YouTube Leanback is that videos serve as the focal point of the website. Because of this, users are not distracted by boxes and menu, making the whole experience looks beautiful on a big screen.

Access YouTube Leanback on a Smartphone

Another good thing about the new YouTube Leanback is that users can access the website using their smartphone. Just simply visit the YouTube Pair, activate and name a device, and then enter a code.

After that, users can now control what appears on the screen through their handset. This includes controlling the search, playback, favorites, and other activities that take place on the mobile device. However, the TV or other screen will only house the content.

What Lies Ahead for the New YouTube Leanback

Although the redesigned YouTube Leanback is providing stellar user experience at the moment, some cues indicate that it will be rebranded soon. That’s because the website is consistently labeled as YouTube TV. In relation to this, YouTube and Google have not yet released any official statement regarding the issue.

So far, the so-called YouTube TV serves as a great option for browsing YouTube on any large screen with Web connectivity. This means that as long as a user has a browser, this option would work.

In addition, the redesigned YouTube Leanback has the most impressive UI to date. It would be nice to see the main website having the same new look.

2012 Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates on YouTube

On another YouTube news, it was posted on the video-sharing website’s official blog that debates between 2012 presidential and vice presidential candidates can be viewed on the YouTube Elections Hub. Listed below is the candidates’ upcoming debate schedule:


  • October 3, 9 p.m. ET
  • October 16, 9 p.m. ET
  • October 22, 9 p.m. ET

Vice Presidential

As stated on the official YouTube Blog, users can now watch “the most important events of the 2012 election on YouTube.”