Introducing A Social Media Series For Business Operations

I recently spoke at a regional event that had about 120 IT, human resources, law and accounting professionals to “demystify” social media. It was over an hour long, and touched everything from the history of social, to how to get started, tracking tools, case studies and how to measure the impact. Despite the extensiveness of coverage, much of the Q& A was outside of the marketing realm of social media. Conversations regarding human resources, productivity, network security and legal implications quickly filled the room; what I discovered was that most of these professionals already “got it”, they just didn’t know what it meant for running their piece of the business.

As a result, starting tomorrow, and every Wednesday for the next 5 weeks, contributors will cover some of the topics that seem to keep some of these operations and business managers up at night:

Social Media Guidelines For Employees by Matt Leonard

How can a brand keep their employees from doing something stupid online? Do policies work? Matt will share how companies are managing their online reputation, as well as provide a list of company guidelines for employees who are active on social networks.

Using Social Media For Attracting Talent by Patricia Skinner

With LinkedIn, social profiles and personal blogs, are resumes even necessary to land a job? This post will show how people can land their dream job with online tools and how HR professionals use social networks to discover the perfect talent for their business.

Social Media and the Impact on Network Security by Kandi Humpf

In early 2009 hackers gained access to high-profile accounts such as Fox News network and Barack Obama causing online identity issues. Kandi will cover how IT departments can use tools to minimize risk.

Get Control of Your Social Media Life by Dana Lookadoo

You can balance your social media participation between “I don’t have time for it” and “I can’t stay away from it.”  Prioritize and organize your workday and personal life first!  This post will cover some principles to help you be both productive and social.

Social Media And Why Your Company Needs It: A Lesson in Sales, Retention & Customer Service by Casey Yandle

There are case studies abound of how companies put social media inaction. This post will discuss the advantages of using social media through the sales process, from prospecting to customer service.

The Legal Impact Of Social Media For Small Businesses by Gary Cope

Twitter posts potentially can get you sued. Gary will cover how publishing false and defamatory information may get you into some hot water, and the steps you can take to prevent trouble.

Still not satisfied? We welcome more topics to keep the series going just leave a comment below.

Monica Wright, SEO & Social Media Manager at VONT Web Marketing in Portland, Maine, is an experienced Internet marketer specializing SEO, search marketing, social media and analytics with 13 years of media marketing experience. You can also follow Monica on Twitter.