6 Generative AI Features Reportedly Coming To Instagram

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Meta aims to integrate generative artificial intelligence (AI) features into Instagram and its suite of social media platforms for increased user engagement and satisfaction.

From AI-enabled content labeling and comment generation to bright stickers and chatbots, these novel features promise to redefine the user experience, hinting at a future where interactions are automated but intelligently personalized.

As Meta ushers in this new era, industry stakeholders and users alike are keen to see how AI’s inexorable march will shape the social media world.

Mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi has shared six generative AI features you may see coming to Instagram soon.

1. AI-Generated Content Labels

To distinguish and identify content influenced by AI, Instagram is developing a system to label such content.

This development forms part of a broader initiative by Instagram to increase the application of AI in various platform functionalities.

2. AI-Generated Summaries For Direct Messages

Another aspect of Instagram’s generative AI initiative is AI-generated direct message summaries.

With the potential to revolutionize communication and interaction on the platform, the tool is set to enhance the user experience by providing a synopsis of conversations.

The precise mechanics of this feature are yet to be revealed. It is widely anticipated to involve some level of AI-driven analysis to capture the essence of conversations.

3. AI-Powered Image Editing For Stories

Instagram is also harnessing the power of AI to facilitate photo editing.

An AI tool in the works for the Story editor would allow users to remove unwanted objects from photos. This could be a substantial upgrade to the current editing options and a testament to the immense capabilities of AI.

4. Generative AI Stickers

Meanwhile, AI stickers in Stories are another AI-powered feature Instagram could release in the upcoming months.

Offering an additional layer of engagement and personalization, these stickers are designed to be interactive and reusable.


5. AI-Generated Comments

More intriguingly, Instagram plans to provide the ability to generate comments using AI.

The intent behind this feature is unclear, and it potentially raises concerns about the authenticity of interactions on the platform.

6. AI Chatbots With Distinct Personalities

Finally, Instagram is toying with incorporating AI chatbots in messages.

The AI-powered agents would be able to answer questions and give advice. In addition, they also come with 30 different personalities, offering a more dynamic and engaging chatting experience.

However, it is critical to note that with the increased integration of AI, Instagram also intends to establish a level of transparency about its use.

Meta Continues AI Advancements For Social Media

As noted in the most recent earnings call, Meta credited AI developments for increasing user engagement.

This expansion of AI use in Instagram has several implications for the marketing industry. It signals a shift toward more automated and intelligent interactions on social media, potentially transforming how brands engage with audiences.

Understanding these changes and adapting strategies accordingly will be vital to leveraging Instagram for maximum brand visibility and engagement.

Featured image: Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock