2 Cool FireFox Addons for PPC Managers

Surprisingly, we have only few good FireFox addons for PPC marketers (please share if you are using any not mentioned below). Today I am reviewing two extensions I am using more or less regularly:

PPC Web Spy (ppcwebspy.com) (note: before checking the tool or even buying the premium version please see the comments below (fairly) criticizing it) inserts a button under each Google paid search result allowing you to analyze the site PPC campaign. The service offers both free and paid accounts: standard (free) account holder can only see first 10 keywords; if you want to see 50 keywords, you’ll have to pay $97.

Here is a sample report – each keyword is linked to Google Adwords External tool for further research:

Note: if a site has been using AdWords for less than 45 days, it won’t be available for further analysis – here’s a not I got a few times when attempting to see the report:

This website has likely not been advertising via Google Adwords for a period of 45 consecutive days. No keywords have been collected for this website because of this. In most cases, websites that have not advertised via Adwords for 45 days are not websites that you should consider monitoring, as they have not proven themselves to be profitable Adwords advertisers yet.

Google Global is a must-have FireFox addon for PPC management – it lets you see Adwords for other countries. Right-click on Google search results to choose the location:

  • View paid and organic search results as they appear in different cities.
  • View paid and organic search results as they appear in different regions.
  • View paid and organic search results from a specific IP address.
  • View paid and organic search results from any US ZIP code.
  • View paid and organic search results from different language results pages.

Note: you can also see international paid search results by adding [gl=country extention] to the query string:


One more extension I’ve never used but plan to: PPC management for FireFox which looks also great.