Google Ads to Provide Users With More Assistance After Ad Disapprovals

Google Ads is introducing a better solution for letting users know when ads are removed for policy violations.

The new ‘Policy manager’ in Google Ads will keep users informed about ad disapprovals and allow them to make policy appeals.

In some cases, Google may even be able to detect policy violations during the ad creation process.

The following changes will be rolling out to Google Ads in April.

Policy Manager

A central hub where users can monitor policy restrictions of ads, keywords, and extensions across their entire account.

Soon, Google will add recommendations for fixing ads, a history of appeals, an overview of account certifications, and more.

To access Policy manager in Google Ads, click “Setup” in the Tools Table, then select the “Policy manager” tab.

Additional Insight & Policy Appeals

As of last year, Google started providing advertisers with more information about what caused their ad to be disapproved. Google will continue to expand that capability.

When there’s a disagreement over the action taken by Google, users will soon be able to submit an appeal immediately.

This feature will start rolling out to accounts this spring and will be available for text ads for most policy violations.

Detect Violations in Advance

Google can sometimes detect policy violations during the ad creation process.

When that happens, Google will now provide real-time feedback to help users identify potential policy violations before they occur.

This feature will give users the opportunity to make the necessary changes to comply with Google’s policies before submitting ads for approval.