Google Ads Makes it Easy to Share Audience Lists Across Accounts

Google Ads is introducing an easier way for manager accounts to share audience lists across all accounts.

Before today, sharing audience lists from manager accounts to sub-accounts would have required multiple steps to set up. Now, advertisers can simply opt-in via the settings panel.

A new feature, called continuous audience sharing, is something advertisers can activate in their account settings as shown above.

When opted in to continuous audience sharing, any remarketing lists created in a manager account will be automatically shared with all existing and future sub-accounts.

Accounts can receive lists from multiple manager accounts, and you’ll still be able to control which audience lists are active.

Sub-accounts cannot yet share audience lists with manager accounts, but that’s an option that will be available in the coming months.

A disclaimer from Google on sharing remarketing lists:

“When sharing remarketing lists across accounts, remember that you may be sharing confidential or proprietary data. You should only share remarketing lists with other accounts if you have obtained permission from accounts that own them and such sharing doesn’t violate any agreements you have with those accounts.”

More on Google Ads Remarketing Lists

Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSAs) allow advertisers to target customers who have already expressed interest in a business.

As Google puts it:

“Whether your goal is to increase sales or drive brand awareness, remarketing to people who have already engaged with your website can help you grow your business.”

SEJ contributor Jon Clark explains it better in his recent article: 10 Amazing Ways to Harness the Power of PPC Remarketing Campaigns

Source: Google