Bing Ads Introduces App Install Ads in Pilot Program for US Advertisers

Bing Ads has introduced app install ads in a pilot program for all US advertisers. App install ads are ads which encourage searchers to install apps on their mobile devices.

The ad format, which is new to Bing Ads but has been available from Google AdWords for quite some time, is capable of driving people directly to the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

To set up App Install Ads, simply select it as your ad type when you’re in the campaign settings screen.

Through detecting what type of device the person is searching on, these ads provide a direct route to installing an app on a searcher’s respective app store.

”Using App Install Ads gets app customers to your app store directly, eliminating the extra time, navigation, and clicks they would otherwise need to take from your website.”

There are a few things to know about these ads, one of them being is that there is no display URL. All clicks go directly to an app store download page. In addition, the ads are only compatible with iOS and Android apps, there is no support for Windows or Windows phone apps.