Google AdWords Editor Version 12.3 Now Available: Here’s What’s New

Google’s latest version of AdWords Editor, version 12.3, is now available. Here is an overview of the new features that have been added.

  • Search terms report: View and download reports about search terms. Add keywords and negative keywords from the search terms report.
  • Filter functions: Use queries that combine filters in new ways to find highly specific items in an AdWords account.
  • Edit CSV imports: Advertisers can specify 2 separate columns for each field when editing a CSV imports. One column holds the original value and is used for lookup, while the other holds the new value, to be applied as an edit.
  • Account-level extension associations: Attach ad extensions at the account level, in addition to campaign and ad group levels.
  • Custom intent audiences: Reach people that intend to make a purchase.
  • Support for TrueView for action campaigns: Edit video campaigns created with the “Drive conversions” subtype, including calls-to-action and headlines.
  • Shopping inventory filters: Edit inventory filters for Shopping campaigns.
  • Freezable columns: In some views, such as for table data, certain columns can be frozen on the left-hand side for easy horizontal scrolling.
  • Faster policy reviews when uploading ads: An improved policy check speeds up the time to upload text ads.
  • Responsive search ads: A beta release of responsive search ads is now available in AdWords Editor.