Integrated Marketing Dos & Don’ts w/ Lauren Vacarello

At #SEJSummt Silicon Valley, Loren Baker had the opportunity to talk with Lauren Vacarello about the do’s and dont’s of integrated marketing.

A big thanks to our SEJ Summit 2015 sponsor, Searchmetrics — the leading global enterprise platform for search experience optimization.

At the SEJ Summit 2015 in Mountain View, California, Loren Baker, the founder of SEJ, had the opportunity to talk with Lauren Vacarello, author of best-selling books, Complete B2B Online Marketing and The Retargeting Playbook, about the do’s and dont’s of integrated marketing.

A Few Key Takeaways From the Video:

  • Marketing is very public. Everyone gets to see everything that you do, whether it’s right or wrong.
  • Diversity matters. When you are building integrated marketing campaigns, make sure you have a diverse team to sanity check your message. Lauren poses these questions to guide your messaging strategy – Do you have diversity in your messaging? Is everyone hyper-focused on who the target audience is, that you are missing any sort of connotation? Do you have people of different backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, religions, and genders to counter-check the type of message you would want to communicate?
  • Be positive. Bring the positive side and build on the personalization of your brands.
  • One fun tip from Lauren: Come up with one theme, and tie that whole theme across your marketing communication channels – website, email, search campaigns, direct mail, or any type of account-based marketing. Keep that same theme consistent, for a cohesive marketing campaign with a strong message.

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