Ways to Save a Floundering Blogger Relationship

The most discouraging part about working with bloggers is when a relationship just ceases to exist. Similar to a personal relationship, it’s difficult to make a mutual connection right away – keyword being: mutual – and there are always two sides to every story. While it may seem like a suitable relationship for one person, every blogger is different.

In order to develop a long term relationship with a blogger, you need to bring something of value to the table. Otherwise, you’re on the path to being ignored, discouraged, and holding another ruined relationship in your hands.

Craft a Better Pitch

The pitch is your first impression in a blogger relationship. If you pitch your name, a quick title (which has nothing to do with the blog), and a generic signature, you are basically saying “Hey, there is nothing special about what I have for you, and I would love for you to just trash my email. Thanks for your time.”

Instead, take the time to browse their site and read some of their recent articles. That way in your initial pitch you can reference something you found interesting about their blog. Make it known that all the time they put into their “baby” is worth it. Everyone appreciates a sincere compliment.

Don’t Give Up

Most bloggers run their sites in their free time and it may take a while for them to respond to you. A follow-up is a good way to reach out to a blogger who may have forgotten to respond, or has just become backed up with emails. If they didn’t catch your initial pitch, you are proving your interest in their site, as well as shortening the response time. Win-win.

Pro tip: If you’re having trouble remembering the last time you sent a follow-up, try Boomerang. It’s one of our favorite tools at CopyPress.

Turn to Social Media

Bloggers can receive hundreds of email requests in their inbox daily. If you want to be just as unnoticeable as everyone else, go ahead and send them form email 101. Connecting to bloggers through social media sites is a simple extra step that will set you apart. Once they see that you have put extra effort into the relationship and boosted their morale on social media, they are more likely to give your proposal a chance.

I use these social platforms for quicker responses:

  • Twitter: This is a great way to mention bloggers publicly. It could be about something they posted that you enjoyed, or to just to drop a quick hello. Retweet their latest posts for quick and easy attention.
  • Facebook: Engaging with your potential blogger is an easy way to give them more publicity. What blogger isn’t going to notice an active reader?
  • Pinterest: Pinning their articles is also a good way for them to see that you are not only browsing but sharing their content.

Commenting on previous articles on their blog will also increase your exposure and hopefully they will notice your name in a future e-mail.

Don’t Be a Robot in the Relationship

Nobody gets excited about automatic replies. If you communicate as if Siri were translating your e-mail pitch for you, you are about to ruin that blogger relationship before it even begins. Try to humanize your conversation with them. Don’t be afraid to add exclamation points and show emotion. Often, you will catch on to their personality and style and be able to respond in a more attractive manner.


Anyone looking to build their blogging portfolio will figure out which relationship savers work the best. Put yourself in the blogger’s shoes and ask yourself, who would you reply to?


This post originally appeared on CopyPress, and is re-published with permission.

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