Bluehost Unveils AI-Powered WordPress Platform

Bluehost announced the rollout of a suite of six capabilities that create a workflow for quickly and easily launching a website or store using WordPress.

The new product, called WonderSuite, provides publishers with AI-based guidance every step of the way, functioning in the role of a co-pilot.

The suite of products brings the simplicity of closed-source click and build web development and applies it to the open source WordPress ecosystem.

According to Ed Jay, President of Newfold Digital, parent company of Bluehost:

“With WonderSuite, we remove the complexities of building a website or store with WordPress and help make that building process simple, easy and fast for our customers—so they can publish their site and see success earlier for their business…”

Six Advanced Capabilities

There are six components of the new system that cover:


This is the first step that where a user answers a series of questions that help the system automatically select the components necessary for creating the new website.

Screenshot of Onboarding Feature


Creation of the website begins with a multipurpose theme that offers pattern options that are then utilized in the next step.

WordPress Blocks

This is a library of WordPress block patterns, the building blocks of each webpage. This step personalizes the website according to the needs and the purpose of the website.

WonderHelp AI Guidance

This is a module that offers guidance at every step of the process. According to Bluehost:

“An AI-powered, actionable step-by-step guide to help users throughout the WordPress site-building process.

Example: Instead of using a search engine to figure out “How to create a blog in WordPress?”, WonderHelp provides a step-by-step guide within the site builder and takes users through the full process with those instructions integrated throughout each page.”

Screenshot of Help System

Screenshot Showing Response of Help System


This is a suite of ecommerce features that are useful for promotional and sales building activities.

Bluehost explains:

“An eCommerce feature designed to empower entrepreneurs to boost their online sales with a comprehensive collection of cross-sell and up-sell features into a single, unified solution.

Included in the Bluehost Online Store packages, WonderCart provides a multifaceted range of promotional and discount options in an all-encompassing solution designed to supercharge online sales.”

AI-Powered Content Generation

This is a feature that assists online merchants with creating copy, product descriptions and excerpts, to help store owners get the website up and running fast. This part is coming later in 2023.

Making WordPress Easy

WordPress is designed to be easy to create with out of the box. While the initial set up is quick, actually building out a nice looking website still takes a bit of skill and experience.

Bluehost’s new WonderSuite enables anyone to create a full-featured ecommerce site using WordPress, the most trusted website publishing platform in the world.

Read the official announcement:

Bluehost WonderSuite – WordPress made wonderful for everyone

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