YouTube’s New Partner Program Terms: What You Need To Know

YouTube is rolling out new contract terms for all channels that earn ad revenue, which creators must accept to remain in the YouTube Partner Program.

All monetized channels will have six months to review and accept the new terms.

However, the sooner you accept the terms, the sooner you can take advantage of YouTube Shorts monetization, which begins on February 1.

Here’s what you need to know about the new terms and conditions for the YouTube Partner Program.

Changes To YouTube Partner Program

Why Is YouTube Changing The Partner Program Terms And Conditions?

YouTube recently announced several changes that give creators more ways to join the YouTube Partner Program and earn money.

To make these changes possible, YouTube is updating its partner program terms, and all creators need to accept these new terms to remain in the program.

What Are The New YouTube Partner Program Terms?

YouTube is introducing a modular structure that allows more flexibility to create and earn across different video formats.

All creators in the YouTube Partner Program will need to accept the base terms, which are the foundational YouTube Partner Program terms that include things like how creators get paid.

Accepting the base terms is a requirement for any creator who wants to be in the YouTube Partner Program.

To earn, creators must also accept the terms for specific monetization modules.

These include:

  • Watch page monetization module: This lets you earn money from ads on your long-form videos and YouTube Premium.
  • The shorts monetization module: Lets you earn money from ads that play between shorts, the shorts feed, and YouTube Premium.
  • Commerce product addendum: Includes fan-funding features like channel memberships and super chats.

Creators can decide to accept all or some of the terms.

If you’ve accepted these specific terms in the past, you won’t need to re-accept them.

Note that even if you’re an existing YouTube Partner Program creator earning money through ads on your long-form videos, you’ll still need to accept the watch page module to keep earning this way.

What Actions Do YouTube Creators Need To Take?

All creators in the YouTube Partner Program will have six months to review and accept these new terms.

If you don’t accept at least the base terms by July 10, your channel will be removed from the YouTube Partner Program, and you’ll need to re-qualify and reapply to join again.

Creators are encouraged to accept these new terms sooner rather than later to start earning from YouTube Shorts as soon as possible.

When YouTube Shorts ad revenue sharing starts on February 1, it will replace the shorts fund. To be eligible, creators must accept the base terms and shorts monetization module by February 1.

If you accept after February 1, shorts ads revenue sharing will begin on the date you accept the new terms.

These terms will become available for creators in the YouTube Partner Program over the coming days. You’ll receive a notification when they’re open to you.

Source: YouTube

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