YouTube Upsets Creators With Another Policy Change

YouTube has again upset creators after implementing another policy change that may impact the content published by popular channels.

After recently infuriating creators with changes to its monetization policies, YouTube has updated its harassment policy to no longer allow certain types of content:

“We will no longer allow content that maliciously insults someone based on protected attributes such as their race, gender expression, or sexual orientation. This applies to everyone, from private individuals, to YouTube creators, to public officials.”

What’s the Problem?

The problem YouTube creators have with this policy change is it potentially impacts an entire genre of content where creators discuss other creators, as it often involves some level of criticism about the creator. Under the new policy, this type of content now walks a fine line between what would and would not be considered acceptable.

Channels which specialize in producing that type of content – often referred to as “commentary” or “gossip” channels – have been steadily growing in viewership. Now it appears their growth may be stunted.

The Response from Creators

As YouTube matures it finds itself under increased pressure to moderate content that previously could have been uploaded without issue. In turn, the changes upset creators who now have to abide by new policies or risk having their content removed.

In the past, criticism between YouTube creators has escalated into feuds that generate millions of views and who knows how much revenue in advertising. It would be fair to say that much of YouTube’s history is paved with prolific creator-on-creator drama.

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Times are changing, and now that type of content is being actively discouraged. In response to the updated policy there has been an influx of videos from YouTube creators claiming this is the end of an era.

Just do a quick search for “harassment policy” on YouTube and there’s no shortage of commentary to be found:

Time will tell how great of an impact this will have on a genre of content that has grown into a YouTube staple.