YouTube Updates: More Search Insights, New Channel Page Layout

YouTube rolled out several updates this week, including expanding search insights to more languages and a new layout for channel pages.

YouTube Search Insight In More Languages

Introduced in November 2021, YouTube’s search insights surfaces information about popular queries, which can help creators make more content people are looking for.

Search insights lets creators research what their audience is searching for and what viewers are searching for across YouTube.

Screenshot from, November 2022.

In addition, search insights highlights content gaps, which can help creators generate ideas for their next videos.

Until now, search insights were only available in English with the ability to surface searches from viewers in the US, India, Canada, and the UK.

Now, YouTube is experimenting with making Search Insights on desktop available in more languages, including Japanese, Korean, and Hindi, with more languages coming in the future.

New Layout For YouTube Channel Pages

YouTube is updating channel pages in two ways.

First, the navigation bar now sits below the channel information section.

Screenshot from, November 2022.

Channel information will remain at the top as users click through different tabs.

In addition to making this information more convenient for users to access, this change makes the ‘Join’ and ‘Store’ buttons more visible, potentially boosting creator revenue.

The second change is that videos are now separated into two tabs: long-form videos and YouTube Shorts.

Previously, all videos were grouped in the same tab, which made it hard to tell the difference between video types.

For more on this week’s YouTube updates for creators, see the video below:

Featured Image: Wirestock Creators/Shutterstock