YouTube Revamps Partner Program Re-Application Policies

YouTube has updated its re-application policies for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP).

The YPP program allows eligible content creators to monetize their videos through ads, subscriptions, and other revenue streams on the platform.

Changes to the program will affect new applicants and channels suspended from the YPP.

If you aspire to monetize your content on YouTube one day, this is an important update to pay attention to.

YouTube Partner Program – What’s Changing?

Starting from June 5th, 2023, channels that apply for YPP for the first time and get rejected will have 21 days to appeal or wait 30 days before they can reapply.

After 30 days, if a channel reapplies and is rejected again, it will have 21 days to appeal but will need to wait 90 days before reapplying.

This change aims to prioritize timely reviews of new applicants and appeals.

Rejections are typically due to violations of YouTube monetization policies.

These policies include guidelines on originality, copyright, and advertiser-friendly content, ensuring that creators adhere to YouTube’s standards and provide a safe environment for viewers and advertisers.

Channels already in YPP that are suspended will also have 21 days to appeal and will need to wait 90 days before reapplying.

This policy doesn’t apply to channels that leave the program due to contract termination, dormancy, or unlinking from their Multi-Channel Network (MCN), also called MCNs.

The paused mode policy will be extended from 90 days to 120 days for channels offering memberships.

Channels suspended from YPP will have 120 days to re-enter the program and resume memberships before existing members are refunded their last month’s payment.

Additional Updates For YouTube Creators

YouTube’s weekly news blast for creators included the following additional updates:

  • Podcasts on YouTube Music app: Podcasts will be available in the US on the YouTube Music app, with more regions to follow soon.
  • Video processing ETAs: YouTube is adding video processing ETAs to the video details page on Studio Web, allowing creators to hover over video quality badges to see the remaining processing time for each level.
  • Channel trailer parity on mobile: Creators can now configure a channel trailer for subscribed viewers on both desktop and mobile platforms, with muted autoplay now available on mobile. This update aims to bring feature parity between desktop and mobile devices.

Source: YouTube

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