YouTube Answers Questions About Community Guidelines Appeals

YouTube demystifies the community guidelines appeal process in a new video answering commonly asked questions from creators.

A product manager at YouTube clears up misunderstandings about who reviews an appeal, how appeals get reviewed so quickly, what to include in an appeal, and more.

This information will help you understand and navigate the community guidelines process if you receive a strike against your channel.

Before going over the questions answered in the video, let’s first go over what an appeal is and the reasons why you’d need to submit one.

What Is A Community Guidelines Appeal?

When a YouTube creator publishes content that violates the website’s community guidelines, they receive a strike against their channel.

If a creator repeatedly violates the community guidelines, YouTube bans the channel on the third strike.

Creators have the opportunity to remove a strike from their record by submitting an appeal. If the creator proves they didn’t deserve a strike, they can avoid getting their channel removed.

YouTube allows all creators to appeal a strike, but not all appeals are successful.

Who Reviews An Appeal?

YouTube confirms it’s humans, not machines, that review community guidelines appeals.

A team of content reviewers is employed worldwide to evaluate every appeal manually.

They look at the content and the appeal to evaluate whether it complies with YouTube’s community guidelines.

How Did My Appeal Get Reviewed So Quickly?

Creators sometimes get the results of an appeal so quickly they wonder how a human can review their video so fast.

YouTube recognizes the importance of getting back to creators promptly and has the resources to make it possible.

In addition to having a team of content reviewers situated in countries worldwide, YouTube trains its reviewers to pinpoint the moment in a video that led to a restriction.

They use that timestamp to determine whether the restriction is valid rather than watching the entire video.

Will Deleting Or Editing A Video Remove A Strike?

Deleting a video won’t remove a strike. The only way to get a strike removed is to submit an appeal.

How Many Times Can I Submit An Appeal?

YouTube allows one appeal per restriction. If an appeal is rejected, it can’t be appealed again.

What I Should Include In My Appeal?

Creators who are most successful at their appeals have thoroughly compared their content against the policy that’s cited.

That means it’s worth reviewing YouTube’s community guidelines and analyzing whether your video is in violation.

Creators have the option to add feedback when submitting an appeal where they can include details to help make their case for getting a strike removed.

See the full video from YouTube below:

Featured Image: Victor Runov/Shutterstock