What Is a Twitter Chat and How to Make the Most of It

Twitter is used for many purposes including staying in touch with friends and promoting corporate identities. If you are new to the Twitter world or haven’t stayed on top of the network’s latest trends, then you may not be aware that Twitter chat sessions are available.

Twitter chats are wonderful opportunities to connect with others and expand your social network. Here is an overview of Twitter chats and how you can utilize this option to its full potential.

Quick Twitter Chat Overview

A Twitter chat is much like any other online chat, in which online users gather at a specified time to discuss certain topics or issues. The great thing about Twitter chat is it brings users together from all over world to a platform where they can interact in real time rather than communicate in a delayed manner through traditional social media postings.

To join a Twitter chat, you must know the #hashtag being used. A #hashtag is simply a Twitter function to search for the topic being discussed.

The best way to follow Twitter chats is to use an application specifically designed for this purpose. The most popular options are TweetChat, TweetGrid, and TweetDeck.

The topics of Twitter chats vary greatly and the opportunities are largely unlimited. This is wonderful because it means you can use the function for everything from discussing books to promoting your latest venture.

Starting a Twitter Chat

Before creating your first Twitter chat session, it’s best to join a few sessions that are initiated and run by other Twitter users. By doing this, you will learn what works well and what you should avoid. By first joining other chats, you will also become more familiar with the entire process and will be more confident during your first chat launch.

The next step is to develop a solid goal for the chat session. If your main purpose for creating the session is to promote your company, then you should develop a list of topics that will be discussed and create a plan of action for keeping topics on track.

After taking these steps, you will be ready to initiate your first Twitter chat session. To conduct a successful session, you must first get people to attend. As such, if you are new to Twitter and don’t yet have any followers, then it may be wise to first generate a following and make yourself known on the social media website before leading a chat session. The most important aspect of getting people to join the chat is to promote the session, give people a reason to attend, and then follow through on that promise during the actual chat.

Where to Find Chats

The best resource to utilize in finding current and ongoing Twitter chat sessions is to visit this Google doc. You can research other chat sessions and also list any sessions you want to begin.

Many people don’t realize Twitter chat sessions exist and, as such, are missing out on a wonderful networking option. After your first Twitter chat experience, you too will understand what the hype is about.

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