What Diggers (Did) Miss Out On

Dave Naffziger posted a list of 183 Sites and Blogs of the Alexa’s Top 10,000 that are banned from Digg.com. Now it seems that the ban at least for ReveNews.com was lifted. I found out during the work on an article that made a case against the Digg bans. I used some content of my original article and used it for the now different story that talks about the un-banning.

Part of the original article was the talk about the different sets of rules applied to internet marketing sites compared to social media sites for example.

The nice digg that is currently going on for a Web based game Spam-A-Lot. The dugg post links to a site called addictinggames.com which simply runs the Web game that originates here in a frame set to which was then used to submit it to Digg. Nice trick and the Digg TOS reference to this kind of stuff as: “repurposing existing stories (source hops)” is putting it very mildly.

I also created a IMO funny list of articles I published at ReveNews.com to never see the “light of Digg”, which I considered worthy a “digg” for one reason or another.

Why Affiliate Marketing Has A Bad Name?
Okay, it’s not a cheesy wanna-be SEO promo video, but a specific example about an affiliate that did contributions to Wikipedia of questionable value and shows why wikipeadians don’t like affiliate marketers very much and look at them with suspicion. SEO’s are not alone in that group.

Is (0.X% x Y) > (100% x 0) no longer true?
Search Engines like to sell the story that you as webmaster only have to worry about your users and your sites content and every thing will be peachy and the search engines mighty complicated ranking algorithms that make rocket science look like baking a cake will boost your site and pages up the ranks to countless top positions in the SERPS and cause a flood of free traffic to your site to reward you for your efforts and not gaming the search engines. Here a little reality check. Sorry to wake you up and kick you out of that nice dream.

Affiliate Marketing Organization Initiative
I am not so sure about this one, because I believe that things like regulation and organization in the affiliate marketing industry interests the average digger as much as a story about a sack full of rice that tips over somewhere in China. The follow up post shows how a little but bad typo can cause unexpected issues, okay not as bad as this punctuation error that turned out deadly: “Hang him. not let him live.” which was meant to be “Hang him not. let him live.” The Initiative was a failure, but may be the rant that followed would have been of interest.

Diggers won’t admit it, but they are just like other people. They love to see other peoples dirty laundry hanging out in the public for everybody to see :).

You want to pretend to be me? Sure, no Problem. May I help you?
Admit it, you like it if somebody gets f**ked and then even turns around and says thank you and here is the money. Here is an example of just that without the issues of being x-rated and not suitable for children.

One More Day Until The End Of ISBN
Double execution, if that is not noteworthy then I don’t know what is. First the execution of a dictator followed by the announcement that one day later his book”Devil’s Dance” will have a printed number on it, which is 4-19-862170-5 that will be useless shortly after his death. Kind of.

Don’t Be Late For Daylight Savings Time
This article is from today actually and is about the upcoming change of when people in the US that have daylight savings time need to change their clocks 1 hour. Backgrounds, Pros, Con’s, issues for computer software and resources and some answers.

See what you missed out? Don’t tell me that you have at least a little bit regrets. … Liar

The finishing touch was supposed to be provided by a fitting video from the Monty Python Musical “Spam-A-Lot” from a performance in London and the song “Bright Side Of Life”. Here is the Link.

The post looks now a bit self-serving, but SO BE IT.

Carsten Cumbrowski

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