US Welcome Badoo with Nick Cannon

Earlier today, multilingual social network Badoo was official launched in the US. Together with entertainer and TeenNick Chairman Nick Cannon, they set a massive public photo shoot in New York City called as the Badoo Project.

The Badoo Project

The three-day Badoo Project started last Thursday, and it involves four fashion photographers: Kenneth Capello, Dan Martensen, Brooke Nipar and Danielle Levitt. All of them will give 1,000 New Yorkers a new online profile picture, with 24 of the best display images will appear on billboards and taxi tops across the city from April to May.

After the photo shoot, each participant can choose five of his or her favorite portraits, and it will be immediately uploaded on their profile. The winners will be determined based on the Facebook Likes on the project’s website.

Badoo Features

Badoo boasts two free features, the Ice Breaker and Interests, to help users build favorable first impressions.

Ice Breaker, from the name itself, offers conversation starters. On the other hand, Interests is where users leave self-generate hobbies instead of pre-defined ones that most networking sites require.

According to Badoo’s Chief Marketing Officer Jessica Powell:

“It’s hard work coming up with lines to impress new people. We all want to appear funny, smart and relevant, and talking about things you already know the other person is interested in gives you a head start. It makes the approach much more personal and the likelihood in more successful.”

The Importance of an Outstanding Profile Photo

Powell said that a standout profile photo is important because the social network is all about meeting new people and not mingling with existing friends. Nick Cannon added:

“Your image online is the most important thing –– it’s like a business card in a sense. Most people use Badoo for friendship, chatting, dating and making new contacts.

“I travel a lot for work and use sites like Badoo to find out new clubs or bars from people that might share my interest in music, or simply concerned with my fans.”


First released in London in 2006, Badoo boasts 140 million registered users from 180 countries, and 6 million of them are from the US. The social network also claims 35 million monthly active users from across the world.

At the Le Web conference last December, Badoo Founder Andrey Andreev talked about the company’s growth, including its US expansion. Its monetization is built within the site, like allowing users pay to have their profiles featured in various mobile app. The social network is available via Web, iOS, Android and Blackberry apps.