Twitter Introduces Language Targeting For Advertisers

Twitter announced this week that advertisers now have the option to target Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts in the preferred language of the audience they are trying to reach.

Twitter’s language targeting, available in 20 different languages, will be rolled out to all advertisers globally and through their Ads API.

Language targeting can benefit marketers who want to reach a global audience with language-specific messaging, or who are in countries where large populations speak multiple languages. For example, an advertiser who wants to Promote Tweets to Italian-speaking soccer fans during the World Cup can use Italian language targeting to reach the right users around the world.

Advertisers will have the option to use language targeting, along with a combination of other targeting options such as interest, keyword, gender, location or audience segments. “For instance, a travel brand that wants to reach Spanish-speaking travelers in the U.S. can combine U.S. geo-targeting, travel-category interest targeting and Spanish language targeting to effectively connect with their target audience.”

Twitter uses a number of different signals to determine a user’s language, which includes the language the user has selected in their profile and the language they most frequently use to communicate with other Twitter users. If Twitter determines that a user is multilingual, that users can be targeted in multiple languages.