Twitter Highlights 18 of the Hottest Trending Topics Going Into 2020

Twitter has published a round-up of the fastest growing topics, which are expected to continue growing in 2020.

Twitter is releasing these insights in an effort to help brands be more culturally relevant – according to the company’s data, a brand’s cultural involvement makes up a full 25% of a consumer’s purchase decision.

“Today, we’re releasing hundreds of cultural insights from the conversation on Twitter, to inspire and empower brands to develop campaigns on the leading edge of shifts in consumer behavior and beliefs.”

In compiling this list, Twitter analyzed billions of tweets over the past three years. Machine learning was used to filter out common topics and fads and uncover 18 specific trends that are rapidly evolving on Twitter.

The trending topics have been grouped into 6 overarching themes. The company says these reflect a fundamental shift in US culture and offer a look into what matters to consumers as a new decade approaches.

Here’s a look at the big 6 themes and the top conversations happening around each of them.


Conversations around body image, diet, and physical appearance are shifting to discussions around a healthy mind and whole-body wellness. Mind and mental health conversations are up 125%, while conversations around body and physical fitness are down 75%.

Trending topics in this area include:

  • 1. Data-Driven Bodies
  • 2. Holistic Health
  • 3. Being Well Together

Everyday Wonder

People are developing a growing fascination in the universe – including planets, climate change, and extreme nature. Conversations around spiritual practices – like yoga, chakras, Zen, and mindfulness – are down 45%. Conversations around alternative spirituality – like healing, energy, and astrology – are up 168%.

Trending topics in this area include:

  • 4. DIY Spirituality
  • 5. In Awe of Nature
  • 6. Cosmic Fascination

Creator Culture

The creative arena is alive and well on Twitter, which is full of conversations involving makers, builders, entrepreneurs, writers, and musicians. In particular, unsigned musicians hashtags have increased 113% as more artists join Twitter to spread awareness of their work.

Trending topics in this area include:

  • 7. Creative Currency
  • 8. Hustle Life
  • 9. Connecting Through Video


People are sharing more about themselves, breaking stereotypes, and demanding more from society on issues related to gender and diversity. Representation of disabilities, both physical and mental, are up 133%.

Trending topics in this area include:

  • 10. Fandom
  • 11. Gender Redefined
  • 12. Represent Me


People are becoming increasingly focused on the environmental costs of everyday life, and having discussions around taking action and finding solutions to create a more sustainable culture. In particular, The conversation around environmental veganism is up 235%.

Trending topics in this area include:

  • 13. Ethical Self
  • 14. Sustainable Steps
  • 15. Clean Corporations

Tech Life

People are imagining the possibilities of a more connected, efficient, and expansive future. Conversations around a fourth industrial revolution are up 340%, especially when it comes to the effects of AI and blockchain on the workforce.

Trending topics in this area include:

  • 16. Blended Realities
  • 17. Future Tech
  • 18. Tech Angst

More Insights

Twitter has launched a web page dedicated to these insights, where you can learn more about everything mentioned about. Marketers stay use this data to stay on top of what’s current in culture, and gain more understanding of what’s going to matter more to consumers in the year ahead.