Twitter for Business: What You Need to Know

Source: Twitter Homepage and Sign In Page | Official Website

Because it is not as popular as Facebook, people’s initial reaction to Twitter is “no one needs to know what I’m doing” or “I don’t care what other people are doing.” What they didn’t know is that this social network can play a big role in business.

According to marketing expert Chris Brogan, Twitter is an effective communication tool that allows a business to connect with the people around them in three ways:

  1. Send a short message to a number of people publicly
  2. Send a short message to a specific user publicly
  3. Send a short message to a specific user privately

Twitter as a Micro-blogging Site

Aside from being a social network, Twitter is also referred to as a “micro-blogging” service. That’s because you can post short updates that are limited to 140 characters.

The character limit was employed since day zero because the micro-blogging site was originally designed to make it compatible with mobile phones. In this day of online and social media marketing, Twitter can be used to provide your followers concise information immediately and in real-time. It is also a great tool to share your post with hundreds and even thousands of people.

Twitter for Business

This means that Twitter can help you build and maintain a relationship with your followers. In fact, it can help you meet potential customers or generate leads similar towhat you would do at networking event or tradeshow. However, the micro-blogging site also has other uses.

Develop and Promote Your Brand

Twitter is a great way to make your brand’s online presence, as well as establish it. When a follower mentions you, his or her followers can also see your Twitter handle, which could prompt them to check out your profile.

Promote Your Content

The same with your online branding, you can use this social media site to promote your content to your hundreds and even thousands of followers. The good thing about this is that they can easily share your posts with their friends.

Interact with Your Customers

As mentioned earlier, you can send a short message to a specific person publicly or privately without looking awkward. Imagine if you mention your followers and reply to their every messages on Facebook.

Build Relationships with Bloggers and Journalists

This also works the same with bloggers and journalists. If you’re good at connecting with them, you can even land potential PR placements to create a buzz for your brand.

Monitor What People Say About You

Twitter is also a great tool to monitor what other people say about you with the help of simple search.