TikTok Introduces Text Posts To Effortlessly Engage With Followers

To enhance user creativity and self-expression, TikTok has announced the expansion of text posts on its platform, diversifying the content creation experience for its users.

This new feature demonstrates TikTok’s commitment to social media innovation. The new feature will allow space for written creativity previously limited to comments, captions, and videos.

Text posts represent the latest addition to TikTok’s suite of content creation tools. It broadens the avenues for users to express themselves while dominating short-form content.

This new format would enable creators to share stories, poems, lyrics, and other written content on TikTok, thus making the platform more versatile and engaging.

Creating A TikTok Text Post

Creating a text post has been streamlined for simplicity.

In the TikTok app, on the Camera page, users are presented with options for videos up to ten minutes and text.

Screenshot from TikTok, July 2023

Selecting ‘text’ directs users to the text creation page where they can draft their content.

TikTok’s text posts boast a range of features aimed at making the content stand out.

With text posts, creators can:

  • Include stickers to support specific causes, events, or holidays.
  • Tag other accounts and add hashtags related to relevant topics or trends.
  • Add various background colors to enhance the visual appeal of the post.
  • Add sound, a vital element of the TikTok experience, to accompany the written content.

If you’re on mobile, you can see the finished version of a simple text post with features like hashtags, polls, and location tagging here.

You can also try it on a desktop browser, but the poll only appears on mobile.

Social Platforms Integrating New Formats

The integration of text posts signifies TikTok’s ongoing commitment to fostering creativity within its community.

The platform eagerly anticipated the innovative content users will create using this new feature.

Text posts could be valuable for marketers as it presents a new avenue for content creation and customer engagement on TikTok.

Adding text may shift the platform’s dynamic, previously heavily video-oriented. It could allow businesses to explore a broader range of content marketing strategies.

This shift could also allow TikTok to appear in search results like updates from other platforms, like Reddit and the social network formerly known as Twitter.

TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, also made new moves in generative AI with the recent release of a CapCut plugin for ChatGPT for AI-generated video.

Featured image: Yalcin Sonat/Shutterstock