Target Tests An Online Store Powered By Pinterest, Called The ‘Awesome Shop’

Retailer Target is taking a new approach to e-commerce with the launch of an online storefront powered by Pinterest recommendations.

Target’s “Awesome Shop” is refreshed daily using a combination of data from their own online store and the Pinterest API. The store features the most pinned items from Target on Pinterest, as well as the highest reviewed products on

Target is taking the Pinterest experience full circle by highlighting in-store some of their most popular items on Pinterest. Check out this Instagram pic that SEJ Editor Kelsey Jones snapped while shopping at Target today:

What’s most impressive about Target’s Awesome Shop is the whole thing was put together in a matter of weeks by an in-house development team called Rapid Accelerated Development (RAD) Group. RAD Group is a small team who specializes in quickly testing, building and launching new web initiative like this one.

Target says they will be watching to see how customers respond to the new Awesome Shop to determine what to do with it in the future. The site may grow to include other social networks, or potentially become a permanent fixture on

For the time being, the Pinterest-powered e-commerce storefront is a one-off experiment to see if the Pinterest effect translates as well when their API is used on other websites.

Today, a pin on Pinterest is worth 25% more in sales than a year ago, but does that still hold true when a customer leaves That’s yet to be determined, and the Awesome Shop is a great way of figuring that out.