StumbleUpon: Why Your Business Needs It

Source: StumbleUpon Pages | Official Sign Up and Homepage

With too many social media sites now available on the Internet, it can be overwhelming for you to pick which to use for your business. This could cause frustration and may even confuse you in knowing which social network can help with your online marketing campaign. Well, the key here is to weed out the website that won’t be able to help you in building an online presence.

What is StumbleUpon?

StumbleUpon is a social media and voting site rolled into one. This allows you to share content within your community based on your interests. Meanwhile, it also lets you vote other content by liking or up-voting it.

This is just the basic. You can delve deeper and discover ways on how you can promote your business further. However, you need to be active on this social media site by clicking the “Stumble!” button and up-voting and down-voting content. And the more you become active, the more you’ll learn ways on how StumbleUpon can help your business.

Exposes Content to the Right Audience

There are various ways on how StumbleUpon can help you with your business. First, adding and sharing your content using the proper keyword and right category that suits it can expose your message to your ideal audience. The more users discover it, the easier for you to establish your brand on the network with the people who share the same interests as yours.

By exposing your content to the proper audience, it has a higher chance of receiving an up-vote. As a result, it will bring higher page views to your website. This could also help you earn from your content, especially if it is associated with your business and you’re using the power of content to promote it.

Allows Content to Reach Wider Audience

As mentioned earlier, StumbleUpon allows you to expose your content to the right audience. From there, users can up-vote it and share it with their connection. As a result, your content is being promoted to another group of users, who can be your potential followers and eventually your market. In one way or another, StumbleUpon serves as a “digital word of mouth” for your content.

Before You Begin

Although StumbleUpon is a great way to expose your content, that doesn’t mean that you can flood your account, as well as your followers’ page, with your content. You should also share content from other relevant resources. The network was initially designed to build a community and not as a marketing tool, so you have to respect every member of it. After all, users will know whether you’re using the network for your personal gain.