Snapchat’s Most Popular Feature Isn’t Actually Snaps

The Verge reports that Snapchat’s most popular feature is no longer self-destructing, private snapshots. On the contrary, its most popular feature is actually the most public and least temporary.

Snapchat’s Stories are now viewed with greater frequency each day than snaps are, up to one billion stories are viewed each day in fact.

If you’re not familiar with what Stories are, it’s a feature that launched late last year that lets users create compilations of snaps, viewable for 24 hours.

Stories, like snaps, can only be viewed by friends. However, there is a setting you can change that would let anyone who adds you to Snapchat view your stories.

Snapchat is riding this trend and has just released a new, collaborative feature that puts Stories at the forefront, “Our Story”.

Snapchat will launch the new feature this weekend, inviting the attendees of the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas to participate. Attendees of EDC will be able to to add their photos and videos to one giant communal Snapchat Story that anyone can view.

Collaborative Stories are said to be a big step forward for Snapchat. The company is branching out of its original focus on personal messaging by letting users who aren’t friends collaborate in real time around an event.

The Verge has a great point when they say stories could “potentially be much more entertaining that skimming the #EDC Twitter stream or Instagram page for updates from the ground.”

Makes you think about how awesome this feature could be if used for other events. However, The company won’t speak about future events that will make use of the new collaborative story feature .

The feeling on this launch is that the EDC Story is very much experimental, but if it goes over well there is a possibility that we’ll see more event-based Stories from Snapchat.