Snapchat Makes Story Ads Available Through its Self-Serve Ad Manager

Snapchat is now letting marketers purchase Story Ads, formerly known as Promoted Stories, through its self-serve ads manager.

Now that Story Ads are available through the self-serve ads manager, they will have the same targeting options and auction-based pricing model as other Snapchat ads. This includes Snapchat’s 500+ predefined audience segments.

What makes Story Ads different from other ads on Snapchat is that they only appear in the Discover feed.

When an advertiser purchases a Story Ad they will get their own tile in the Discover feed, which can include up to 10 individual snaps.

Snapchat users can swipe up on any individual snap within a Story Ad to navigate to content outside of Snapchat. This can include a product page, an app install page, or any other link of the advertiser’s choosing.