Snapchat is Moving Back to a Chronological Feed (For Some)

Multiple reports suggest Snapchat is in the process of bringing back its chronological feed following a polarizing redesign earlier this year.

While Snapchat is not completely flipping the switch on how it curates peoples’ updates, sources like TechCrunch and CNET are reporting that at least some users are seeing the old feed again.

Users, including high-profile celebrities, have been making their voices heard regarding their dislike of the recent Snapchat changes. Will that be enough to get the company to revert back so quickly?

Facebook and Instagram faced similar backlash when moving from chronological feeds to algorithmic feeds. However, both social networks stuck with the algorithmic feed and have seen continued success.

It’s certainly in Snapchat’s best interest to maintain an algorithmic feed, as it allows the company to feature ads and sponsored content more prominently. It looks like the company is trying to strike a balance between growing profits and keeping users happy.