Promoting Your Brand on LinkedIn Groups

Source: LinkedIn Groups | Learning Center

As mentioned on previous posts, you can take advantage of LinkedIn to promote your business. In fact, this business-related social media provides great tools and features that you can use to leverage your company. One of these is the LinkedIn Groups.

Good thing, there are various ways that you can do in order to promote your brand on LinkedIn Groups.

Managing Your Groups Properly

The first thing you need to consider when creating a LinkedIn Group related your business is how you’ll manage it. Approving registration manually can be a good start. That way, you can cut down the number of spammers that will join your group.

This is also a great opportunity to send in a welcome message to your new members, which could make them feel at home. When users feel that they belong to group, it will encourage them to share valuable content.

Sharing Useful Content

What makes social media a very useful tool in promoting a brand is making sharable content. With that in mind, use this feature to share interesting information to your network and LinkedIn Groups. This would add dynamics to your group, making it look less of a spammer.

In relation to this, you can also encourage your members to share their content. That way, your group can also serve as a pool of valuable content that you can also use for your business.

Engaging Your Group Members

Engaging your group members is a great way to keep them within reach. You can do this by staying in touch with them, as well as offering advice and useful information regularly. After all, your members chose to connect in order to acquire valuable content that can help them with their business. So, instead of promoting your products or services outrightly, offer your group members the information or advice that could help them and their business.

Using Other Online and Social Media Assets

In order to leverage your group and gain more members, you can use your other social media accounts to promote it. You can also mention your group in a blog post, as well as mention it to other LinkedIn Groups when joining a discussion. You can also design a badge that is linked to your group and post it on your website or official blog.

It’s important that you maintain a healthy relationship with the member of your LinkedIn Groups. That’s because they could potentially help promote your brand to their network. In turn, your business will be exposed to a relevant segment of your target market.