Pinterestingly Enough: Interesting Pinterest Stats

Who hasn’t heard about Pinterest? At 10.4 million users, it is the fastest growing social media site in history. Many of those users are recent additions, as the site is experiencing  a whopping 400% month-over-month growth. One of the questions asked by many is, “Is Pinterest good for my business?” In other words, should businesses jump on board?

There have been many stories of businesses doubling revenue after joining Pinterest. I have personally seen Pinterest become the 5th largest referral site of traffic for one particular e-commerce site,  just behind Google, their affiliate program, and their newsletter. That’s pretty outstanding results, considering they’ve only been there for a few months!

With these kinds of success stories out there, should your business be on Pinterest? Before you answer that question, check out the following infographic that was published by Buzz Referrals. Then you can decide if your business is a fit. The infographic provides some interesting Pinterest user demographics, a comparison of how Pinterest fares against other social media sites, and even some tips on what works best when utilizing Pinterest for business.