Pinterest Makes it Easier for Businesses to Connect With Influencers

Pinterest is opening its content marketing API to third-party influencer marketing platforms in an effort to help businesses more easily identify and connect with influencers.

Greater access to Pinterest’s content marketing API will also allow businesses to learn more about key stats such as monthly views, followers, impressions, clickthroughs, and saves.

The following influencer marketing platforms have agreed to integrate Pinterest’s API into their software:

  • AspireIQ
  • HYPR
  • IZEA
  • Klear
  • Mavrck
  • Open Influence

Pinterest is using feedback from its above partners to ensure it’s meeting the needs of both brands and influencers.

Mavrck explains how access to Pinterest’s content marketing API will enhance its platform:

“Real-time analytics will help us to better understand influencers’ abilities to drive customer behaviors for brands. This will prove invaluable to brands looking to select and activate influencer partnerships on Pinterest.”

According to a December 2017 study conducted by Linqia, 92 percent of marketers who partner with influencers have found the tactic to be effective.

Pinterest offers a unique opportunity for brands and influencers, the company says, due to its posts having a longer shelf life.

“…in a digital landscape where most posts are only seen on platforms for a single day, our Pins can drive engagement for 120 days or more.”

In its announcement, Pinterest cites a separate December 2017 study stating 78 percent of Pinterest users believe content from brands is useful.

Those who use any of the eight influencer marketing platforms listed above can start taking advantage of the features offered by Pinterest’s content marketing API.