Pinterest Launches Verified Merchant Program With Applications Open to All

Pinterest is rolling out its new Verified Merchant Program, which comes with a blue checkmark and other perks.

Pinterest has always been a destination for shopping inspiration but now customers are shifting even more of their spending to online channels, the company says.

With people around the globe in self isolation and/or practicing social distancing, there’s currently a high degree of interest in areas like home, self-care, and kids activities.

Over the past two weeks there has been a significant increase in searches for keywords like:

  • Home organization (up 43%)
  • Spa day at home (up 19%)
  • Makeup tutorial for beginners (up 180%)
  • Kid-friendly recipes (up 64%)

In response to what Pinterest is calling an “unprecedented change in modern retail,” the company is investing in new shopping features.

“As we continue to invest in shopping and the success of retailers, we’re introducing new features to help retailers of all sizes get discovered, and distribute their products in the spaces where Pinners are most likely to shop…”

In addition to the launch of the Verified Merchant Program, Pinterest is also introducing new conversion metrics and dynamic retargeting.

Here’s more about everything that was announced today.

Verified Merchant Program

Pinterest is launching a new program for merchants that meet a particular set of criteria, which is verified through manual review.

Similar to being verified on other networks, a verified merchant on Pinterest will get to display a blue checkmark on their profiles.

There are some legitimately useful perks to being verified as well, such as early access to a new conversion insights tool that we’ll discuss later.

Verified Merchants will also get a special “Shop” tab at the top of their profiles, which puts all of their shoppable products in one place.

Products from verified merchants will also show up within dedicated shopping experiences like related products.

How to Become a Verified Merchant

Pinterest is first launching the program with a select number of retailers that have already been vetted.

Any merchant is eligible to apply, however, as long as they meet these three requirements:

  • Catalog is connected: Uploading a product feed is the fastest way to get products onto Pinterest.
  • Pinterest tag is installed on the website: A tag helps retailers track actions that come from Pinterest.
  • Meet Pinterest’s Merchant Guidelines: Found here

The Verified Merchant Program is only available to merchants in the United States at this time.

Later this year Pinterest will start accepting applications in other countries.

If you wish to join the Verified Merchant Program you can apply here.

Other Perks Of Being Verified

Additional perks of being a verified merchant on Pinterest include:

  • Conversion Insights: Gain early access to organic and paid conversion insights, which measures data such as site visits, checkouts, and sales over multiple attribution windows.
  • Updates to catalogs: New metrics, near real-time feed ingestion, user experience enhancements, and feed ingestion scheduling.
  • Dynamic retargeting: Advertisers can reach previously engaged customers by retargeting them with ads for exact or similar products they search and save on Pinterest.

Source: Pinterest Newsroom