Now You Can Add Corrections To YouTube Videos After Publishing

A new feature for YouTube creators will make it possible to add corrections to videos after they go live.

Previously, the only way to correct an error in a published video was to remove it, edit it, and re-upload it.

The old solution created more problems than it solved, due to the fact all watch time and engagement metrics were lost in the process.

Instead, if YouTube creators decide to address their errors at all, they usually do so by adding a note in the description or the comment section.

However, that’s only useful if the viewer scrolls down the page, and of no use at all if the video is embedded on another site.

Now you can correct existing videos in a way that’s immediately visible while the video is being viewed.

How YouTube Video Corrections Work

YouTube’s corrections feature is a mix of old and new. It still requires creators to call out errors and provide clarification in the video description section.

What’s new with this launch is the ability to draw attention to corrections during the video itself.

With YouTube video corrections you can alert viewers when a particular moment in a video contains and error, and link them to the description section where the clarification is provided.

When you add a correction to a YouTube video, viewers will see a card appear at the time of the error.

The info card teaser, signalling the presence of a correction, will show up once throughout the video at the correction timestamp.

Clicking on the card will expand the video description where there’s a written correction or clarification.

Image Credit: Screenshot from, June 2022.

While not a perfect solution, this will at least help make it more obvious to viewers when a creator acknowledges their errors and provides the correct details.

Source: Creator Insider

Featured Image: YoGinta/Shutterstock