New: LinkedIn Launches Matched Audiences

LinkedIn has launched Matched Audiences, which gives advertisers three new targeting tools: website retargeting, account targeting, and contact targeting.

Matched Audiences is now available for all of LinkedIn’s ad formats.

This also brings LinkedIn more in line with what Facebook (custom audiences) and Twitter (tailored audiences) have offered to advertisers for years.

In a blog post, LinkedIn’s Eva Chau, senior product manager, touted Matched Audiences as “full-funnel marketing,” because it helps you reach your target audiences throughout the buying journey:

“With Matched Audiences you can use LinkedIn to retarget your website visitors, market to your contacts from your customer databases and marketing automation platforms, and reach decision makers at target companies for your account-based marketing programs. Matched Audiences helps increase ROI by enabling you to focus your efforts on the audiences and accounts that are most likely to drive revenue.”

Here’s what’s you can do with LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences.

1. Website Retargeting

Finally, LinkedIn has retargeting. Matched Audience website retargeting lets you reach people who have visited your website on LinkedIn. You will have to install the LinkedIn insight tag to your website to do this.

LinkedIn reported that, on average, advertisers in the pilot program saw 30 percent higher click-through rates (CTRs) and 14 percent lower costs-per-conversion.

2. Contact Targeting

With contact targeting, you can target your ads by uploading a list of up to 30,000 email addresses from your own database or by connecting to a CRM platform that partners with LinkedIn (Marketo, Oracle Eloqua or LiveRamp).

LinkedIn reported that, on average, advertisers in the pilot program saw 37 percent higher CTRs.

3. Account Targeting

Account targeting lets you now target up to 300,000 companies on LinkedIn. You upload a list of target companies, which LinkedIn then matches against the more than 8 million company pages.

However, you can only do this through LinkedIn sales team. It’s not available for self-service ads.

LinkedIn reported that, on average, advertisers in the pilot program saw 32 percent increase in conversion rates and 4.7 percent lower costs-per-conversion.

500 Million

LinkedIn also announced today that is has 500 million members from 200 countries.

Image Credit: LinkedIn