New Flickr 4.0 Takes Image Search to a New Level

Flickr released version 4.0 of its mobile and desktop service this week, bringing with it a fleet of new features — not the least of which is its new image search technology.

With what Flickr aims to accomplish with its new app, advanced image search technology is almost a necessity. Giving all users a whopping 1TB of free storage, along with automatic photo uploading, Flickr wants to be your new photo repository.

What separates Flickr from competitors that also offer automatic uploads and free storage, like Google+ and iCloud, is its new ability to scan through and organize your image libraries based on almost anything you choose.

Want to automatically organize all photos of your son or daughter into a single album? No problem. Flickr can automatically create albums featuring individuals, pets/animals, objects, landmarks, locations, and so on.

When one of your photos is uploaded to Flickr, it’s automatically scanned and assigned a set of descriptive tags based on what Flickr is able to identify in the photo. From there you can also add your own tags for even better categorization.

With all of this combined data you will be able to fire some very specific searches at Flickr and it will apparently be able to hand them. For example, a search like “that photo last Christmas of my son with his new puppy” should be able to return exactly what you’re looking for.

Additional features within Flickr 4.0 include the ability to share multiple photos with a single link, and the long-awaited ability to batch download photos.

As storage space becomes increasingly less expensive and practically unlimited, the challenge is no longer where to store photos but how to organize them. Flickr aims to satisfy that challenge with its new set of features and services.

All new features in the completely redesigned Flickr 4.0 are available on now on desktop and mobile.